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Debugging the Bug

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We’ve all named it. We’ve all blamed it. But, have we all really had it? This mysterious and rather vague term has been the so-called culprit to countless suffering. Let’s take a moment and reveal the truth behind germs, bugs and all things contagious.

The Microbe Versus The Soil

LFC-debugging the bug_microbeThe great French biochemist and bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur, developed the germ theory. He was known to have said, “The microbe is nothing; the soil is everything.”

He meant that the body represents the soil. The body holds the germs and then becomes sick. Here is where the myth of germs comes into play. They are never the sole accuser of our aliments. There are actually many contributing factors not only to sickness but also to the process of healing. So, how do we determine what factors are causing a particular condition?

Searching Beyond Symptoms

Experiencing sickness or pain helps us recognize the need to release. It is actually a good thing! Fevers help us dissolve blocked energy, enhance immunity and remove toxins. Coughing and sneezing frees obstructions in our respiratory system. Vomiting is simply a way to clear the digestive system of unwanted matter. Yet other times when we begin to feel sick, the physical symptom is actually not what needs to be addressed. Donald M. Epstein wrote,

“We are more than a physical body; we are energy in motion, as well as vibration pulsation, and rhythm. The energy that comprises the bodymind is intimately connected.”

It is important to recognize what life stressors are affecting our current emotional well-being as well as past unresolved issues. If we can appreciate that our bodies speak to us through symptoms, we can begin to accept these symptoms as merely a tool to become more whole.

Acknowledging the Journey

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The journey of healing is a life-long process. It is unique to each individual. Symptoms can no longer be generically diagnosed and treated the same for everyone. What a freeing thought to know that we do not have to accept society’s “average” or “normal”. We can embrace authenticity and appreciate the diverse methods for which our bodies counsel us. The power that creates and sustains us also knows exactly how to heal us. Will you join me in this quest for wholeness?

Yes! Now what?

  • Hydrate! How much water should you drink? A general rule of thumb is roughly half of your body weight in ounces.
  • Breathe! Take nice slow deep breathes throughout the day. The muscles that control your breathing will allow the full inhalations and exhalations your body is designed for. This will help you let go of stress and welcome peace.
  • Move! Every day, for however long you can, get out and move. Walking outdoors causes an increase in oxygenation to the brain. This creates better circulation which helps clarity of thought, increases energy and dispels anxiety.
  • Listen! Your body is speaking. What is it saying? Working with the symptom and not against it is key to this healing journey

Remember, symptoms are a tool that our bodies use to communicate. They are neither good nor bad. Use the confession statement below as a means to replace old thinking with new possibilities.

“My symptoms alert me that my bodymind needs more self-respect, compassion, and my focused attention. They may require that I spend quality time with myself, or even guide me to change my direction and choices in life. I patiently accept my symptoms as information, vibration, and pulsation, with a story to tell me about my life’s journey.”   – Excerpt taken from Healing Myths, Healing Magic

Welcome to the joy of healing,


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