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Connecting the Layers of Health


Everything we do, say, feel, think, believe and experience affects our health and wellbeing. My heart in writing this article is to bring awareness to these layers and deliver a message of hope for healing. If we can grasp the wholeness of healing, we can heal anything! Intrigued? Keep reading…

Our health is categorized in more than just physical and emotional. We actually have many sides that contribute to our wellbeing. I like to focus on these 6 main factors: Physical (muscles, organs, etc), Biochemical (hormones, vitamins, gases), Emotional (feeling base from the heart), Mental (thinking), Psychological (how we process and react to the world), and Spiritual (beliefs). Each of these sides are interconnected. Each one affects the other. Getting punched in the face affects us just as strongly as a deadline at work.

Even beyond this, there are many layers to each side. For one person it could be just one layer deep and for another it could be a million layers…then there are shades to those layers! Each of us have experienced life differently which contributes to these shades and layers. My point is, there really isn’t a standard answer when it comes to healing. Plans and protocols have their place but we need to remember that the path to healing for each individual is unique. The good news is THERE IS AN ANSWER. Our bodies speak through the 6 factors above. Sometimes the answer comes from the most unlikely source.

In my personal healing journey, being aware of these 6 main factors and how they work together was the first step. The importance of addressing all aspects was paramount. For example, let’s say you are experiencing a stressful situation at work. You are thinking about it all the time which affects your sleep. Physiologically this affects your stress response which causes your stress hormones to run too high for too long. Your hormones can affect the biochemical organs and glands which then affects your emotional neurotransmitters. This can throw your blood sugar off and many other physical responses.

Now what? Once I became aware of these sides of health in my own life, I felt ready to begin addressing them. There are a few nuggets that were significant along the way.

  1. What Do You Believe? Healing begins with a belief that we can conquer it. It’s a decision that we make in our hearts that we can be healed. This will birth HOPE.
  2. Take Inventory. There can be many contributing factors affecting our health. It is necessary to look at each of the 6 sides and how they might relate to how we are feeling. My healing journey began years ago and what I found was that all ofDarrell_Lomonaco-layersofhealth_diagram these sides played a role. I’ve taken time to address each side and also how they are affecting each other. My healing isn’t complete but my progress has been remarkable.
  3. Take Responsibility. We have endless tools available to us but ultimately the process is up to us. Our bodies are ready to speak and lead us. Trust in what it is telling you. I had the hope that people I worked with would have answers toward my healing but in the end the buck stopped with me.
  4. Appreciate Moments of Time. There was discouraging times for me. I remember moments where I felt I was going backwards in my healing process. I can look back and appreciate those moments because it created persistence within me. I also learned to find joy in my journey by recognizing and celebrating small victories.

When we address our healing holistically, we can heal the root cause of our symptoms instead of putting a band aid on it. Many times, by concentrating on the root, we later realize that many other issues were resolved not just the one we were most focused on. We can compare our symptoms to the lights on a car dashboard. When that oil light comes on, there could be many reasons for it. We wouldn’t just change the oil, we would address all possibilities. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure…these are all just lights on the dashboard. They are simply warning signs to something going on within us that needs to be addressed.

My desire is for you to walk away from this knowing that there is hope, there is a solution and there is an attainable answer. Your body already knows it…we just need to listen, be patient and enjoy our journey of healing.

When we decide that healing is possible, people will show up in our lives to help. Tools will become available. The answers will become clear. The process will shift from laborious to joyful and exciting. Welcome to this side of healing!

In Awareness,


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