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What should I expect at my first visit?

Dr. Lomonaco has dedicated every Tuesday to caring for his new patients.  The first appointment includes a detailed physical examination and the first adjustment.

What happens during a typical adjustment?

A routine adjustment is anything but routine.  Each visit is as unique as the individual and depends on your body’s response and what it is prioritizing.  Dr. Lomonaco uses the Omni Therapuetic Technique which treats everything simultaneously on everyone at every visit; simple, quick and effective. Dr. Lomonaco also uses Applied Kinesiology. AK employs muscle testing to pinpoint diagnoses and allow meaningful healing to take place immediately!

I’m not sure if the vitamins I’m taking are really working?

Dr. Lomonaco can test anything from vitamins and supplements to food and even air!  This is tested through a technique called Applied Kinesiology.

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