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Healing at the Cellular Level



What are Cellular Memories?
In my quest for healing, I have discovered in my own life as well as in the lives of my patients that sickness and disease can frequently be traced back to a destructive cellular memory.  I’d like to break this concept down and dig into the science, research and application of healing at the cellular level.  I believe we have only begun to discover the miraculous capability of our bodies.  Stay with me as we unfold the mystery of cellular memories.

“According to a study of patients who received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it was not uncommon for memories, behaviors, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient.”   Nexus Magazine

Let’s begin by decoding a cellular memory.  Our life experiences are stored in the cells of our body. In fact, much of how we perceive the world is discovered in the first 3-5 years of life and processed through the reasoning of that age.  This information is accessible to each and every cell of our body. Let’s magnify our cells down to the atom level.  In doing this, we see bundles of “info-energy.” This info-energy contains our physical, mental and emotional data which originates from all of our life experiences, genetic heritage, and past generations. Nothing is left out. It works behind the scenes of our subconscious mind.  Why is this important?

Cellular memories essentially influence our relationships to everything and anything that is currently happening. It has an effect on the way we carry out routine tasks, react to stress and deal with emotional challenges in our daily lives. Stored within the cellular memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. The unproductive patterns weaken our ability to be happy and even affects our physical health!

Cellular Memories and Our Physical Health
The brain contains approximately 60 different neuropeptides, including endorphins. Neuropeptides are the cells way of communicating. Each cell has receptor sites that receive neuropeptides which continually change depending on your emotions throughout the day. Interestingly Darrell_Lomonaco_Cellular_Memoryenough, viruses use these same receptors to enter into a cell!  The kind and number of emotion-linked neuropeptides available at receptor sites of cells influence your chances of staying well or getting sick.  For example, chronic pain and disease have been linked to repressed anger in the unconscious mind.

Candace Pert, former Chief of Brain Biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health says, “The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that . . . we’d better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health. Under the influence of massive amounts of contraction, our cells begin to function inefficiently.”

Negative emotional charges block the receptor sites of our cells from receiving the message to maintain basic functions. They no longer have the ability to perform the everyday task of producing proteins which help keep the body in a perfect state of health. It isn’t that disease and imbalance is created by our cells but rather in the “absence” of balance. 

Cellular Memories and Trauma
Like all of our life experiences, trauma and abuse are stored in the cells. When trauma occurs without the support necessary to properly process them, these memories are saved in a raw unprocessed form.  In other words, we can carry these suppressed emotions for our entire life.  We may be holding onto negative memories that go back to childhood.  Every time we experience that same negative emotion, our cellular memory is activated and we literally experience the same stress response as when we first lived through that experience. When our body is in a weakened state, it will break down more often resulting in disease and sickness.

A Focus on Healing
The key to healing is to change the destructive energy frequencies into healthier ones.  This can be done by replacing them with those that are directly opposite. Positive and healthy energy frequencies always overcome destructive ones.  Studies show that a cell in growth and healing mode is impervious to disease…that’s huge!  There are many methods out there which aid in this healing process.  One that I use in my practice is The Healing Code© which essentially is “a literal physical mechanism in the body that, when turned on, changes the energy pattern of the destructive cellular memory to a healthy one.  When this occurs, the stress response of the body is turned off or down.”  -The Healing Code

Our goal here is to heal the destructive energy pattern of the memory which is activating our bodies stress response system.  If you aren’t familiar with The Healing Code©, you can find more information here: about the book.  I believe if we begin to see the healing process as more than skin deep, we can heal any disease…yes, anything.

Trusting in the healing process,


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