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Labels: A New Perspective


We have grown up in a society that labels things.  We have this identity with conditions.  People will get diagnosed, get a name of something and then that becomes a consuming part of who they are.  I definitely believe we need to recognize our conditions, take care and treat them but I don’t think its productive to identify them in a way of who we are.  We simply need to look at them as a condition and put our energy into figuring out what we need to do to heal our body on the cellular level which raises the potential of that condition getting better or going away completely. 

I’m going to say something that will hopefully bring a new level of awareness.  A condition is simply a name…that’s it!  Its nothing more than a symptom of something going on in our body that has created an imbalance.  If we recognize a condition as just a symptom, we can then focus on finding the root of it rather than trying to treat the symptom by itself.  You could have 3 different people with cancer and they might all have different reasons for getting it: toxic chemicals, childhood abuse, self-hatred, long-term stress; these are the keys to achieving health.  There’s no cookie-cutter way of solving conditions…let me say it again; our journey towards healing is as unique as our fingerprint!

The name is irrelevant…high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, cancer…they are all just labels.  The important thing is recognizing what is out of balance in the body and finding where it stems from.

Timing is also a factor in healing our bodies.  One condition could have multiple layers of reasons why its there.  We have to give our bodies time to process through those layers.  If you drastically reduce your stress and your symptom is still there, it doesn’t mean your effort was in vain!  This just means there is another layer to work through.  Giving your body what it needs when it needs it is key!

Your body is going to follow what you believe.  It will literally take action based on your belief.  So, what do you believe?  Do you believe you are fill in the blank?  Or do you believe you are a whole being with the potential to heal anything.  Science has shown the ladder to be true.  We DO have the ability to heal our bodies..we were created with that already built in.  However, we will not reach that point if we don’t support that.

Whatever you have been labeled with, be encouraged.  Appreciate the communication your body is delivering.  Be sensitive to timing and remember that there could be several layers to work through before you see noticeable change.  Our goal is holistic health and this process is a  journey.

Enjoying the Journey,

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