“Biological forces are directed by a non-mechanical, supernatural, or vitalistic force. All living organisms are sustained (overcome entrophy) by a vital force (life force) that is both different from, and greater than, physical and chemical forces. It operates outside of the currently known physical laws of the universe. The body has an innate ability to heal; health comes from inside-out.” Chestnut


“The balanced integration of the individual in all aspects and levels of being: body, mind, and spirit. Every cell, tissue, organ and system exists interdependently and codependently. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Chestnut

“The (neuro)musculoskeletal system in the means through which we (experience and) express our humanity and individuality, our intellect, every feeling, belief, hope and fear and every ethical, moral and even scientific principle” Korr


“The body is built on nature’s order (according to universal/natural laws and universal and innate intelligence). As the body has the innate (natural) ability to heal itself, it should not be tampered with unnecessarily with drugs or surgery.” Chestnut


“Really a natural consequence (deductive conclusion) of the first three. Intervention should be restriced whenever possible to those things that facilitate the body’s own healing/health capacity.” Chestnut

Critical Rationalism:

“Reason and logic provide the best intellectual tools for organizing data collected by the sense (and for deciding which data to collect and by which senses)” Chestnut

“From these tenets, chiropractic has developed a distinct philosophy of health and a distinct philosophy of health care.” Coulter JMPT