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At Lomonaco Family Chiropractic, Omni Therapuetic Technique is the ultimate non-force adjusting technique that corrects all functional postural distortions, all cranial faults, TMJ, all spinal and extremity misalignments, balancing the 12 main meridians, emotional reflexes and more.

It can help clear substance sensitivities. No equipment needed! This technique treats everything simultaneously on everyone at every visit; simple, quick and effective.

Dr. Lomonaco also uses Applied Kinesiology. AK employs muscle testing to achieve pinpoint diagnoses and allow meaningful healing to take place immediately! AK is founded on the principles of the triad of health; the mental, chemical and structural components that interact to comprise overall wellness.

All of these components need to be addressed to regain optimal function and health. It is a systematic approach to determine what is wrong holistically and the best course of action to get to the root cause.

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