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Energy Work

Lomonaco Family Chiropractic uses energy work to aid in the healing process. Our body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields which can be enhanced through energy work.  By contacting the body’s primary centers of energy, and connecting points of polarity, the natural flow of vitality is balanced and strengthened.  We use energy work in conjunction with other forms of alternative medicine and believe there is no condition that cannot be helped with energy.  This can be practiced through Prayer, Meditation, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Balancing and more.

Positive results can take place through focusing on healing, letting go of conditions and trusting in the healing process. We all have the same potential for healing.

“The tools of our consciousness-including our beliefs, prayers, thoughts, intentions and faith often correlate much more strongly with our health, longevity and happiness than our genes do.”           Dawson Church Ph.D, “The Genie In Your Genes”, Elite Books 2007


“Ones thoughts, especially when amplified by intent or emotion, leave an imprint on matter; that is, will directs all energy.”     Valerie Hunt, Ph.D., in “Infinite Mind”, The Science of Human Vibrations, Malibu Publishing, 1995


“Our bodies follow the thoughts and intentions that we set. When we align our thoughts and intentions with healing and health, our bodies can change almost miraculously and we can begin to see and feel the healthful difference. As we are all energetic beings, and our bodies are composed of vibrating energies, every part can regenerate and rejuvinate.”         Shannon M. McRae, Ph.D., Pyschology/UCLA; Nutrition, Clayton College

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