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OMNI Therapeutic Technique

OMNI technique is a synthesis of portions of works by Drs. Morgan, Bennett, Van Rumpt, and Kruger. The name OMNI was given this procedure because it has a holistic and encompassing effect on the patient. The search was for a simple, quick, method of treating the patient. Dr. Kruger sought to find a method in which the most comprehensive care was given in the most efficient way possible. The goal is to avoid that sinking feeling, after the patient has left the office, wherein, you wonder if you should have also checked and treated the cranials, TMJ, or extremities. With OMNI, that is all accomplished.

An OMNI Therapeutic Technique assessment can include as assessment of one or more of the following: the posture, the spine, extremities, cranial bones, meridians, acupressure points, various body reflex points, and emotional reflexes. This method of adjusting is very quick and gentle. Once the body is in balance, it functions at a higher level. As a result, healing takes place and many of the symptoms being experienced disappear, or at least, are improved.

All alignments are accomplished WITHOUT the need of any special equipment. The basic treatment modality involves tapping the skin. Hypothetically, we are stimulating the afferent nn., internuncial nn. And recurrent menningeal nn. effecting the vertebral interossei mm. and thus correcting misalignment of the vertebrae.

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