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The Eyes of Gratitude


Gratitude is a very powerful decision.  We have a choice to be grateful in everything we face.  The secret to gratitude is learning to recognize the benefit of things we go through.  It all comes down to a decision.

My personal journey.

I’m personally grateful for the condition that I had growing up.  I look back and see how my life could have gone a completely different direction had I not been diagnosed.  We can look back at things that seemed hard and find how we actually benefited from it.  Whether it was a job, relationship or difficult circumstance, we have the choice to say that it was horrible or we can see how much we learned, grew and experienced through it.  In my own life, I’ve been exposed to so many people and places because of this diagnosis that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  If we really dig deep, there is more to be grateful for in our life than not.  It all boils down to our perception and how we look at it.

We have 2 choices.

Most of us are facing some sort of hardship: great or small.  We have a choice in this moment to either be a victim or to see it completely different.  These times give us a chance to grow.  I see that as a benefit!  Is it possible to actually be happy for these times?  Yes.  If we can shift our awareness to actually appreciating what there is in our lives it could change our outlook completely.

Gratitude propels you to grow and helps you go for what you want.  Biochemically, it moves you toward a healthier, happier place.  Regardless of our position, we will face what we need to face.  Do we want to walk through it miserable or happy?

I encourage you to practice this.

You can start by looking back at situations in life.  How did you benefit by going through them?  Are you stronger today because of it?  Would you be where you are if you hadn’t faced it?  Remember, this is a position of the heart.  We can look at everything negatively or positively.  Negative energy pulls us down and depletes us of strength.  Positive energy breeds healing and joy.  What will you choose?  It really does begin with this decision.

Every morning, I begin my day with this statement:

“Thank you for another opportunity to be content.”

Gratitude begins in the mind.  Once practiced, it moves to a position of the heart.  This is a beautiful thing!  When gratitude is operating out of the heart, the potential for ease and peace in our lives is greater.  Your perspective on everything brings life, joy, energy and FUN!  Do you fully live?  Are you grateful for where you are right now?

With gratitude,

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