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What Does Your Record Play? Part 1: It All Begins With a Thought


To me, this subject is very simple.  What does your record play?  What is your inner voice rehearsing over and over?  If you aren’t sure, I want to encourage you to spend a day consciously aware of your self-talk.  What are you saying to yourself?  The answer may surprise you!  Our self-talk comes from what we truly believe.  From a scientific standpoint, it is all about our neuroplasticity.

This term, neuroplasticity, refers to changes in neural pathways due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions.  

This is one reason why affirmations and writing your goals on paper is so important.  You are developing a new thought process.  Once that thought process is developed, it becomes physical.  The nervous system, organs and glands are directly affected by what you say internally.  How does that work?

When we look at the brain, we see tracks or grooves.  Our self-talk is like a rutter to those grooves.  Every time we reinforce a thought, good or bad, we are deepening that groove which carves into your neurological pathways.  This literally creates new connections in the brain.  The axons and dendrites creating those connections to the brain cells become stronger and bigger.  Eventually, entire networks are created from those thoughts.  So, where does it go from there?

These thoughts which fuel the connection to our brain cells begin to feed our nervous system.  Each organ is affected by certain emotions.  Here are a few that are often affected:

Liver = Anger

Kidney = Fear

Galbladder = Resentment

Bladder = Mad

Heart = Frightfully Overjoyed

Stomach = Disgust

Small Intestine = Lost Or Vulnerable

Large Intestine = Dogmatic

Thyroid / Adrenals = Muddled Instability

We are sending messages down from the brain to different organs either transmitting stress or healing.  If you find yourself angry all the time, this may be stressing  your liver!  I’m not saying we can’t have negative emotions.  It is important to recognize how often those negative emotions manifest.  Over time, you will physically stress those organs if negative emotions aren’t handled.

Diet is a great example.  If I am constantly thinking about eating healthy foods, more than likely, I will end up craving healthy foods.  On the flip-side, if I am always focusing on what went wrong with my diet then it is probable that those things will manifest again.

Now, in order to change our record, we have to know what that record is playing!  Many times, we are so used to certain internal conversation that we don’t even realize how negative it actually is.  In Part 2 of this series, I’m going to address HOW to change your record.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to take a week and reflect.  What are you saying inside?  We do this subconsciously so it will take a greater level of awareness to even hear those thoughts.  But, when you do hear them…write them down on paper!  Those words might surprise you.

Be looking in the next few weeks for Part 2 when I explain step-by-step how to change the record that is playing!  In the end, my desire is to see balance.  Remember, balance is healthy.  It is normal to experience many different types of emotions.  Our goal here is to recognize those emotions and allow them to work for us, not against us.

Bringing Hope,

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