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Learning to Appreciate Conditions – Part 1


In this 2 part series on Learning to Appreciate Conditions, I’d like us to first explore the meaning behind a condition.  When we are diagnosed with a condition, we have a decision to make.  We will choose to work with it or work against it.

At first, I worked against my condition “It’s bad, have to fight it!” which at the time is what was needed.  It wasn’t bad; it is where I was at.  However, it came to a point of appreciation for it realizing it was sending me a message that my body was out of balance.  There was a reason why this condition manifested…an underlying issue that needed to be dealt with.  I began working with my condition, appreciating the awareness it brought and working to heal the root of the cause.  

Redefining “Condition”.

Conditions are often associated with negative meaning.  “It’s bad that I have high blood pressure or allergies”.  However, if we see conditions as simply a warning light then they become a very positive, life-saving element.

I often explain to my patients the example of the light on our car dashboard.  They are simply a way to warn us that something isn’t right.  We appreciate those lights!  If we didn’t have them there, we might break down on the highway or cause more damage to our car down the road.  Conditions act as a warning sign.  How else would we know that something isn’t right?  Ideally, we want to live preventively and change our oil when needed instead of waiting until the lights start flashing.

Conditions Communicate.

Our bodies have a beautiful way of communicating with us…if we can see it that way.  Since we can’t have a conversation with our body like we do each other, symptoms or conditions are a way of communication.  Acid reflux is a symptom that our body gives off telling us that something needs attention.  It could be stress, diet choices, subluxation, an allergy, etc. When we ignore our body’s warning, more serious conditions could develop.

A fever is another great example of our body’s way of alerting us.  Fevers actually help our immune system fight off whatever is attacking our body.  The purpose is to heat the body up which speeds the infection through the life cycle while helping protect from further infection.

Learning to listen.

It has gotten to a point with this condition where I have learned to listen and become more aware when something is off in my body.  This condition is helping guide me through my healing journey. Knowing this helps me work towards balance.  I plan to continue allowing this condition to guide my path until 100% healing occurs…if or when that happens.

This might be a whole new concept for many people.  To me, this idea just makes sense!   Would you rather use a condition as a tool for healing or fight against it?  Obviously, the goal would be to live condition-free and operate preventively.  However, symptoms do arise and when they do we have a choice to make.

So, what choice will you make?

With Appreciation,

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