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Vulnerability Part 2: Healing Generations to Come


Last month, we exposed the truth about vulnerability.  It begins by being happy with yourself and accepting the things that are less than perfect in your life. If you missed it, read it here.  We talked about how to bravely step out and begin a life of vulnerability.  As you may have experienced, its a process.

This month, let’s discuss the affects of living a vulnerable life.  This has been a great mission in my adult life.  I’m about to share with you a moment of my personal journey through this and the incredible things that have come out of it.

Being diagnosed at a very young age, I grew up protecting myself to a degree from being exposed.  Emotionally, I kept people at a distance.  I was determined that they would see me and not my condition.  Subconsciously, this was my excuse to not be vulnerable.  We all have reasons, what is yours?  What has kept you from being the real you?

In becoming an adult, there was a void on truly living and feeling love.  Even my closest relationships were kept at a distance.  To some, I seemed cold and stiff.  At the time there was not an awareness of what I was missing out on.  It was safe for me but not enjoyable.  LFC_Vulnerability2

As my awareness of vulnerability grew; I allowed room for change to take place.  My own healing journey led me to this place.  To believe in vulnerability would bring greater joy.  Focusing on the areas where I had closed myself off was the next step.  It was scary… and still is!  Again, this is a process and takes time.

This is a practice that must be developed.  I believe the benefits of living a vulnerable life can not only heal ourselves but it also has the potential of healing generations after us!  Yes, generations!  If we can practice this with our children, I feel we will begin to see a lot less disease.  Seeing things beyond surface conditions will help us heal holistically and literally change the genes and emotions being passed down.  If you look at this from a broader perspective, this will help create a shift in humanity as a whole by focusing on this one idea.  WOW!  That’s huge!

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environment.”

Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles

A bigger factor of health and happiness is how we respond to the environment.  

I challenge you to take this risk.  Vulnerability will allow incredible opportunities for healing to take place within us which ultimately brings true life!  Join me in being a part of something so great that is surpasses our lifetime!  Find the joy in being you.

Bringing hope,

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