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What Does Your Record Play? Part 2: A New Song


Last month, we addressed the meaning behind: What does your record play?  Click Here to read the full article. This month, I’d like to talk about HOW we can begin to change it and play a new song!

In Part 1, I encouraged you to take a week and reflect.  What are you saying inside?  This took a greater level of awareness to hear those thoughts.  Did those words surprise you?  Did you begin to see a pattern in the phrases that you journaled?  What about a common emotion?  Were these statements based in fear, anger or resentment?

Let’s review.  The thoughts which fuel the connection to our brain cells begin to feed our nervous system.  Each organ is affected by certain emotions.  Here are a few that we mentioned last month:

Liver = Anger

Kidney = Fear

Galbladder = Resentment

Bladder = Mad

Heart = Frightfully Overjoyed

Stomach = Disgust

Small Intestine = Lost Or Vulnerable

Large Intestine = Dogmatic

Thyroid / Adrenals = Muddled Instability

We are literally sending messages down from the brain to different organs either transmitting stress or healing.  If you find yourself angry all the time, this is actually stressing your liver!  I’m not saying we can’t have negative emotions.  What is important to recognize is how often those negative emotions manifest.  Over time, you will physically stress those organs if negative emotions are not handled.

Now that we know what the record is playing, let’s talk about how to change it! 

  1. Awareness.  Knowing what you are saying to yourself is the first step in changing it.  The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd is a great book to help guide you through this process.
  2. Belief.  This begins in the heart.  A decision.  Choosing to believe that you can change your thought pattern is essential in moving forward.  I chose to believe that my illness could be cured.  All of my energy was fueled by that belief.
  3. Manage VS Cure.  We could easily go through life managing our anger, fear, illness, etc.  However, there is a place above “managing”.  It is where we choose to cure it!  Remember, your energy is going to follow your heart.  What have you decided?  We have to expect to receive the results that equal what is in our hearts.
  4. Rinse and Repeat.  Take the statements that you originally journaled and re-write what you would like to say.  This is about repetition.  It is a matter of literally creating new grooves in the brain.  The way to do this is through regular repetition.  Speaking what you want to believe changes the neuroplasticity and ultimately transmits new messages to our organs bringing strength and healing.
  5. Appreciate the Process.  There is freedom in letting go of our expectation to be fully healed.  Ultimately, we want to be happy with who we are and enjoy this discovery of healing.  It’s okay and normal to be a “work in progress”.  The journey of healing is more than just the end result.  It is discovering all of the facets of our being…positive and negative.  What an exciting opportunity!

Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.  This life is more than just getting to the finish line.  Each day brings new opportunities to become whole in all areas of our life.  True peace and joy come when we trust the healing process..however long it takes and wherever it leads.

Welcome to the journey,

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